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The "Hunt and Shoot" (by Camera) of the Wild Royal Iris's of Israel 2006

by Shulamit Malchi-Levin (all rights reserved 2006) שולמית מלחי-לוין
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קליק על התמונות או הקישורים לקבל מצגות

The Iris of the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel - in Hebrew) is a white, very modest and small flower that supposed to be very abundant.

 However, it  has almost disappeared due to lack of specific reservation and extensive urban developments.

Aram-Naharayim iris has almost  disappeared due to urban growth. Luckily it has been reserved next to Muslim cemetaries, and very few people remember it.



The Gilboah Iris grows only on the Gilboah Mt, in its reservation, and is in serious danger due to new settlements

The swamp Iris is very rare because it needs swamps ecology.  It can be found in its reservation on the Golan heights' swamps.


Nazareth Iris Nazareth

This iris grows only in Nazareth's area and is endangered by extension of the old cemetery in the expense of the reservation.

This iris is not Royal.  It is small and abundant all over Israel

The purple  iris grows around the town of Ness-Ziona and threatened by urban growth.  One reservation has been exctint last year  under a building site.

Although it is protected in a Nature reservation next to Natanya, this Irus is endangered by urban expansio


This iris grows in the Negev on the Hills of Goral.  It is endangered by the extension of the railway to Beer-Sheeba

Irus Yerucham, or "irus Petrana"

grows in the desert near a small town: Yerucham in the Negev. 

 It is unique in its magic apparition in the midst of nowhere, its reservation, for a short while during March of every year.

Hebrew Article in Ynet:,7340,L-3365557,00.html
Iris's of 2008:

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